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Liberty Gun Safes Magnum Series 25

With external hinges for a wider swing, an offset 5-spoke handle, and beautiful finish options, the Magnum’s design and function make it legendary


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The Liberty Safe National Magnum 25 embodies a quintessential piece of American culture for your home, seamlessly blending style with unparalleled protection. Liberty Safe is dedicated to offering your family the comfort and security they deserve, presenting a home gun safe that complements your home’s unique design.

Our National Magnum series boasts the most effective fire safety features. With a PalusolTM heat-activated door and 2.5 hours of certified fire protection, your firearms and valuables remain shielded from the damaging effects of heat and smoke. The UL-listed safe body is fortified with security mechanisms to thwart drill and pry attempts, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Beyond its robust security features, the National Magnum 25 gun safe contributes to the aesthetic allure of your home. You have the flexibility to choose from a diverse array of interior and exterior color schemes, as well as the external finish, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the safe with your home’s interior. We are committed to delivering precisely what you desire, ensuring both style and substance in safeguarding your belongings.

Liberty’s patented 4-in-1 Flex™ interior gives you 4 interiors in 1 safe. Using their flex gun-slot covers and adjustable shelving, you can arrange your safe in any of these 4 configurations:

  • Executive: This all-shelving setup is perfect for those who have a lot of valuables to store, and no long guns.
  • Sportsman: This setup is designed for those of you with long guns to store. It gives you long gun storage on one side, shelving on the other, with two shelves across the top.
  • EZ-Access: This interior setup is perfect for long gun owners who access their firearms frequently. This gun shelf is the easiest way to access all of your long guns and still gives you one side of shelf storage, along with the top shelves.
  • Collector: If you have a large long-gun collection, you can arrange both sides of your safe for firearm storage. This setup utilizes both the EZ Access and Sportsman gun racks, with two shelves on top for other valuables.

Additional information

Weight 1021 lbs

Burgundy Marble, Green Marble, White Marble, Champagne Marble, Textured Bronze, Feathered Burgundy, Feathered Green, White Gloss, Feathered Champagne, Bronze Gloss, Feathered Gary Charcoal, Gray Marble, Black Cherry Gloss, Black Gloss, Forest Mist Gloss, Blue Gloss, Green Gloss, Burgundy Gloss

Hardware & Fabric

Black Chrome w/ Beige Velour, Black Chrome w/ Silver Velour, Chrome w/ Silver Velour, 24K Gold w/ Beige Velour


Exterior: 60.5″ H x 30.25″ W x 24.75″ D

Interior: 53″ H x 23.5″ W x 14″ D

Locking Bars: 12


Gun Count: Capacity varies based on size of guns and scopes

Fire Rating: 2.5 Hours

Steel Thickness: 7 Gauge

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