Fire & Burglary Safes

Fire & Burglary Oyster Series is designed to resist both burglary attacks and fires. These safes have been put through…

Depository Safes

Put a dead stop to theft or shrinkage – internal or external. Hollon Depository Safes allow companies to regain…

B Rated Cash Safes

B Rated Safes offer high security without breaking the bank. These Solid Steel B-Rated Commercial Cash Safes…

Hotel Safes

Hotel Safes are designed for use in dorm rooms, hospitals, hotels, motels or any other place where you need…

Drop Safes

Drop Safes allow companies to regain control of their cash and are the absolute best choice for a heavy duty commercial environment.

Office Safes

Office Safes are the ultimate in Fire and medium burglary protection. They are manufactured using…

TL-15 Safes

TL-15 safe thinks it’s a TL-30. Not only does it have similar features but it has far exceeded every TL-15 test we’ve put it through.

Media Safes

Keep your digital media items safe in an event of a fire with these media safes. These safes are also water resistant and impact rated to survive falls.

TL-30 Safes

TL-30 safes provide the ultimate level of protection against fire, sophisticated burglar attacks, and power tools for businesses and corporations.