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This IPS container is GSA Approved Class 5 and comes standard with the KabaMas X10 lock that meets the FF-L-2740 requirement.

Secure storage for computers systems, servers, switches and crypto equipment that is online and operational, processing top secret, secret or classified information.
Includes Two (2) 6″ diameter fans

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Model:IPS 30-39-24
Net Weight:960 lbs
Shipping Weight:1000 lbs
Inside Dimensions:27 3/4"H x 26 1/4"W x 28 1/2"D
Outside Dimensions:28 1/2"H x 27"W x 39"D
Clear Door Opening:25 3/4"H x 24 1/4"W
  • Add 2” to the height of the single door units for bottom supports (base feet).
  • Add 4 3/4” to the container width for air shroud extensions.
  • Add 2 1/2” to the depth of the containers for lock/hinge extensions.


For Federal agencies, U.S. Armed Forces and contractors with requirements and policies for storage of classified and top secret information these GSA Approved Containers meet the DoD specifications. Common storage requirements for the IPS 30-39-24 include servers, computer hardware, communication equipment and encryption (crypto) devices.

Electronic Dial Combination Lock that allows for TPI (Two Person Integrity).

Product Description

GSA Approved IPS Container 30-39-24 Class 5

Additional Information

Brand: GSA Approved Hamilton Products Group


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